Recycling Program


At the forefront of what Worth Knowing stands for is sustainability and being conscious of the environmental impact we have. Choosing to shop vintage is one way to lessen your carbon footprint. The fashion industry and fast fashion brands are reeking havoc on the environment. We can choose to make small efforts and encourage others to do so also. Recycling is one of things almost everyone can participate in, most neighborhoods have a drop off center and if you're lucky, some neighborhoods have curbside. It does take effort but it's worth it. 

I believe in opening a package and feeling like you just received a treasure. After all, if it is getting brought into my home I want it to bring me joy and last a lifetime. That's why when I wrap my orders I try to make it memorable, tidy, and calming; a great beginning to the piece you are bringing into your life. To achieve these things I use materials such as paper, string, seasonal greens such as eucalyptus.

These materials make the unboxing experience whole, but they don't need to be tossed away. Recycling and reusing materials is a great step in reducing waste and the materials included in orders from Worth Knowing are ready to be used again. Paper wrapped around your items can be used for lists, writing notes, bookmark and more. The string can be pinned to the wall and display photos hung on clothespins. 

Lets not be so quick to throw things out.

It's easy to participate in this program. Simply take a photo of how you recycled or reused the packaging and email it to or DM me on instagram @shopworthknowing. Just a photo of the packaging in the recycling bin is fine! If you have kids, let them use the paper to draw a picture on, I'd love to have the packaging used in that way! Use the box your order came in to send a care package to a friend or relative. After I celebrate the sustainability, I'll issue you a 15% off discount code to be used on your next order. There's not a limit oh how many times you can participate.

This program is new and can be used on all future orders (March 10, 2019).  If you have any questions feel free to contact me. My hope is that this will be a fun program, one that makes recycling second nature. 

"There is no such thing as 'away'. When we throw anything away it must go somewhere."
-Annie Leonard